Crispy Carrots

This is another recipe we saw on Jamie Oliver’s TV show, and we can’t stop making it. It’s perfect for parties, and pairs well with any rich dip (we’ve been doing greek yogurt topped with hot sauce and tahini). We’ve also rolled things other than carrots, changed the flavors, made news dips— go wild!


  • 1 lb carrot sticks (or baby carrots)

  • 2 oranges (or any citrus)

  • 2 tbsp butter

  • 1 package phyllo dough

  • 1/2 cup honey

  • sesame seeds to top

  • vegetable oil


  • Start by parboiling your carrots in 2 cups of water (means party boil).

  • Zest and juice the oranges.

  • When the carrots are jussst soft, drain the water. Add the butter, the zest, and the orange juice. Simmer until thick and declious. It’s fine (and good) if the carrots are still a bit undercooked (we’re going to bake them next).

  • Unroll the phyllo dough and cut it into three equal sections. With a brush, oil the top of each sheet.

  • Roll a carrot with a single section of phyllow dough, place on a baking sheet. Repeat and repeat and repeat.

  • When a full baking sheet is ready, brush the top of each roll with a little oil. Don’t worry about placing them too far about, they won’t raise much (at all).

  • Bake according to your phyllo dough box.

  • With 5 minutes left, brush the top of each roll with honey, then sprinkle with sesame seeds.