Falafel-Hummus Plate

I first ate this 2019 at a restaurant in Brussels where I was together with my sister. It’s an easy, very delicious plate that can be served in many different variations.


  • falafel

  • olives

  • eggplant

  • carrots

  • sugar

  • tahini

  • hummus

  • sesame seeds

  • olive oil

  • pomegranate seeds

  • parsley

  • vinegar

  • salt, pepper, chili flakes


  • prepare Hummus and Falafel dough according to recipe

  • cut eggplant into 1cm pieces, slice carrot in half a centimeter slices.

  • saute eggplant and carrot slice together in some oil, sugar

  • carammelize some sugar in a pan, add eggplant and carrot slices. Sauté until soft.

  • Chop parsley and combine with pomegranate seeds and some vinegar to create a side salad

  • form Falafel balls, touch into sesame seeds and fry until golden brown using some olive oil

  • serve Falafel ontop of hummus aside olives, parsley salad, eggplant-carrot-mixture

  • decorate using chili flakes and tahini